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Do you have a fascination for dinosaurs? The Velociraptor or what is commonly known as the Raptor is probably the most common dinosaur type most of us are familiar with. The Velociraptor was a very fast running two legged dinosaur and a meat eater with about 80 very sharp teeth.

Those who are fascinated with the Velociraptor most probably have a collection of Raptor Toys. A lot of Velociraptor toy features articulated jaw which shows off their ferocious teeth. Most of these toys also come with realistic greenish tan color. The Velociraptor toy is a good addition to your dinosaur collections. Let your imagination come to life with the Raptor Toy. Re-live the cretaceous period with a good collection of Raptor Toys.

There are a lot of Velociraptor figurines available in the market to choose from. Let a Raptor Toy inspire your child's creativity and imagination as he plays with other children. Be amazed with the accurate design of every Raptor Toy available in your favorite toy stores all across the country. A lot of these Velociraptor figurines offer realistic detailing. Choose from among the many models of Velociraptor toys with hinged jaws which allow the mouth to open and close.

A well detailed Velociraptor toy will inspire children and enhance their imagination as they play with other kids their age. Let your child collect different sizes of Velociraptor Toys. You can choose from different types of Raptor Toys including plush velociraptor toys, Velociraptor 3D Woodcraft Construction kit, Velociraptor Skeleton, Velociraptor soft toy, and more.

One of the most popular Dinos are the Papo Figures. Papo figures are made and designed to inspire creative, imaginative play among children of all ages. That's why they create very simple and attractive toys with a child friendly designs that also encourage them to actively use their vast imagination and develop through active play, high stimulation and above all joy and fun. Papo figurines are carefully hand painted and include a wide range including animals, knights, pirates, fantasy as well as many others. And Velociraptors Dinosaurs are among them. They are safety tested and carry appropriate original certification and box labeling. The Papo toy line features beautifully crafted Velociraptors Dinosaurs. Papo toys come in a cast and wide variety of colors, all hand painted and bursting with beautiful imagination. Product Features: An older design with a new color, Unique and accurate design. Hinged jaw so his mouth opens and closes. Hand painted and Realistic detailing.

Another toy company that conceptualized by Velociraptor is Aurora. Their plush Velociraptor by Aurora is a fun and colorful recreation of this prehistoric animal. It measures 12 inches tall, this stuffed velociraptor is made of a very bright green plush skin, with a red back. Its toes have been carefully colored to give the appearance of claws, and its 3rd toe features a sickle like plush claw that velociraptors were also known for. It also features amber lock washer eyes which provide safety and durability. As with all of Aurora's quality stuffed animals, this item, the plush velociraptor is made of all new kid very safe materials and meets or exceeds all US and European safety standards. Surface washable; for ages 3 and up.

The Raptor Toy is probably the most collected type of dinosaurs. Most of these Velociraptor toys are not merely for play but these also offer children a good look into the dinosaur age and the pre-historic world. Start your own collection of Raptor Toys today and re-live the exciting era of the dinosaurs.