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Tyrannosaurus Rex

In The Jurassic Era there if there is one dinosaur that is the symbol of this era, it is the Tyrannosaurus Rex or the T-Rex. Thus making is a valuable icon for making a toy line for Jurassic Era. An example of a T-rex toy is the Inflatable Dinosaur Toy Tyrannosaurus Rex 34''. At 34 inches long and standing 35 inches tall this Inflatable Dinosaur Toy Tyrannosaurus Rex makes nice and cool gift for ages 3 and up. It provides a nice and safer take on this classic toy by keeping it free of pointed and sharp edges.

Made by Jet Creations, this very high quality Inflatable Dinosaur Toy Tyrannosaurus Rex replica is made and designed to hold up through the rugged, roughest of play sessions and is even tuff enough for the pool. Beyond just a simple toy, this inflatable makes a cool decoration for a dinosaur themed room and is ideal for educational purpose as well. The ability to deflate this toy dinosaur when not in use makes for easy and small storage. With its numerous applications the Inflatable Dinosaur Toy Tyrannosaurus Rex is great for everyone or anyone interested in one of the most ferocious beasts of the dinosaur age.

The 'Animal Planet Foam 20 inch Jumbo T-Rex Green' is another option. It is a great toy for kids over three years old and under six years old. The replica of the lizard is very good and your little one will probably find it very interesting and will enjoy playing with it. Another great option is the 'Fisher Price Toy Story 3 Big Roarin' Rex'. It is a cute version of the T-Rex that is completely safe for young children and will make a perfect addition to their collection of toys. The price online is about $30 and it can be delivered to you within a few days so if you want to surprise the kid for his or her birthday this might be a good idea for a present. It comes in a great colorful box with a picture of 'Toy Story 3' and the color of the toy is grass green.

Another one is the I Dig Dinosaurs T-Rex Toy. All kids will dig right into the I Dig Dinosaurs T-Rex Toy, well literally. This dinosaur dig toy turns any kids into a little paleontologist, giving kids a chisel and steel hammer to dig up a replica, snap-together skeleton of an extinct Tyrannosaurus Rex from the Dino-stone Glacial Rock. But, with I Dig Dinosaurs T-Rex Toy, the enjoyment and fun doesn't stop there, kids and parents can put together the T-Rex bones and paint the skeleton for a cool display for their own special museum. In addition to the digging is surely fun, I Dig Dinosaurs T-Rex Toy includes a Paleontologist Field Guide, color paints and digging goggles.

Tyrannosaurus Rex