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Do you want to have your own collection of dinosaur toys? Enhance your imagination of the dinosaur era with the different types of dinosaur toys available in the market today. Choose a specific type of dinosaur or collect all.

The Stegosaurus was a dinosaur that ate plants and lived in the late Jurassic period. The late Jurassic period occurred between 155 million years to 145 million years ago. The stegosaurus had two rows of diamond shape plates on its back. There are also spikes on the end of its tail. Stegosaurus measured about thirteen feet high and twenty-nine feet long. It weigh about five and half tons. The stegosaurus had a horn-covered beak with no front teeth and back teeth that did little grinding. Stegosaurus back legs were longer then its front legs. The front legs had five toes while the back legs had three toes.

There are a lot of Stegosaurus toy which offer very fine detailing which closely imitates the living dinosaurs of the Jurassic period. The Stegosaurus dinosaurs were herbivorous animals with a size as long as 25 feet. Get you own museum quality replica of the Stegosaurus toys and take a good peak into the Jurassic period.

Your child will surely love the Stegosaurus plush toys. Let him or her cuddle these adorable soft toys and provide both fun and education. There are a lot of Stegosaurus plush toys you can choose from which comes in various colors to provide your child entertainment. Choose from the many different Stegosaurus plush toys available in your favorite toys stores which offer eco friendly and child safe materials. There is a beanie baby of a stegosaurus that measures three inches long. Large stegosaurus plush that is brown that measures eighteen inches and has sharp teeth and its plates look like a fin has been found at a thrift shop.

Provide your young dinosaur enthusiast with a gorgeous Stegosaurus soft toy. These types of toys will go perfectly in any playroom and bedrooms. Let your child play with these dinosaur replicas at the same time enhance his or her imagination and interest in pre-historic animals.

The Stegosaurus toys are also a good way of educating our children about animals and how to better take care of our natural world. Introduce the dinosaurs to your children easily with the use of different types and sizes of Stegosaurus toys and other dinosaurs.