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One popular species of Dinos is Pterodactyl. Thus making it buyable to consumers so many toy manufacturers made their toys lines according to this species. One sample of these is the Pterodactyl Tuffy Toy by Vip Products. It is flying in for fun with your furry friend. This sturdy nice toy is made to last, created and designed with multiple layers of material and stitching to give this toy durability and strength. Pterodactyl is cool and big on fun, but soft on gums. This fluffy charming toy may not really fly, but it does float making this a nice and great toy for play both on the water and in the land. Pterodactyl has a big wingspan, making him a great toy. Equipped with 2 squeakers, this prehistoric pal is ready to rack and play.

This Pterodactyl toy have a score of 7 on the Tuff Scale, This is a toy for play, but it is not a chew toy, so consumers must be aware that strong and aggressive chewing can still cause damage to this toy. Made of non-toxic materials and also machine washable. Its Dimensions: 29" x 23" x 9" (Actual weight: 2lbs, Dimensional Shipping Weight 57 lbs)

Another kind of Pterodactyl Toy is the Pterodactyl Toy Marbles: Have a dimension of 24x16mm & 1x25mm, Retail Net. These boldly colored tri-color marbles combine opaque yellow and green with a transparent red. There are 24 player marbles and 1 shooter. The colorful header card features a terrifying pterodactyl dinosaur flying and swooping through the air. The back of the card is printed with instruction and how to play the game of marbles. Also contains 2 plastic display rings. Each net of 100% glass marbles contains and 24 players, one shooter, and two display rings.

If you want a fast way to make your kid a toy that resembles a Pterodactyl then you can easily make one with just a few materials. Firstly, you will need to decide on a picture of the lizard that you like and can draw and color. After you have done that, you will need to punch a hole right in the middle of your colored drawing. When you have done that you have to take two straws and cut one of it about 10 millimeters. The straw which has been cut needs to go through the hole in your picture. After you have achieved that the next step is to flip the ends of the straw to the drawing and glue them there. The other straw then needs to be reduced in size until it is about two thirds the size of the other one. After cutting it you need to also split it as the previous one but make the cut a bit longer. The sides of the straw are then flipped to both sides so as to stay horizontally.

Lastly, you will need to put the second straw in the first one and stuff it down until it cannot be moved down anymore so as to keep it stable. Tape the straw to the wings of the dinosaur model and you are ready. This Pterodactyl toy should impress the little one and help you find a quick way to make the kid an unexpected present.