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The Parasaurolophus is part of the family of Cretaceous dinosaurs. This species is known for its very large and elaborate crest. This dinosaur is from the late Cretaceous period of time. The name of this dinosaur means the near crested lizard. This dinosaur is known to be able to walk on just two legs or also on all four legs, but it always runs on just two legs. This animal was also a very large bipedal/quadrupedal herbivore. This animals mouth contained hundreds of teeth. This dinosaur had a few ways of communication with other dinosaurs. Sight and sound being very important to this species. There are many books and information available about the male and female Parasaurolophus dinosaur.

Parasaurolophus toys can be found in many stores as well as online sites. The prices for toy figures and puzzles and games vary. Some stores start as low as $5 for these toys and go up from there. There are also collectible figures of this dinosaur available for sale in many places and are great sellers. There are many different toys available that are or include the Parasaurolophus dinosaur. The collector figurines of this animal are starting around $15.00. All colors and either male or female toys of the Parasaurolophus dinosaur are available.

Also for your enjoyment there is Parasaurolophus stuffed animals for sale at many different stores and online shopping sites. These stuffed animals come in a few different sizes and colors. They start off around $10.00 at most stores and go up from there. A few stores are also now selling wooden 3-D puzzles of this dinosaur. It is supposed to give you the picture of what this dinosaur looked like. These puzzles start around $15.00 in most places.

Another good example of this is Papo Plastic Toy Dinosaur Figure Parasaurolophus or simply known as Papo. It is a collectible Papo Toy Parasaurolophus from the Dinosaurs Collection. This Papo Dinosaur has a measurement of approximately 5" tall and 8 1/2" long. Can be played by Ages 3 & up. Papo animals toys are hand painted and made of a durable and hard rubbery plastic. This is a nice and great collectable that will make a great addition to everyone's Dinosaur Collection and it will provide hours of fun imagination play for any child.

Papo dinosaurs are exquisite. Most have accurate and articulated jaws that show their ferocious teeth. However, the Parasaurolophus does not have any jaw that opens, but it has very cool and realistic detailing. The Papo Parasaurolophus has very good and exquisite details; it has a crest on his head. The Papo toy line features beautifully made and crafted figurines and animals. Papo toys come in a wide variety of different colors, all hand painted and bursting with great imagination. Scale 1:20 True to life modeling. Meticulously hand painted figurines.

Specific Features and Details: Product Features He is realistic greenish tan in color, Has a crest on his head, He is a realistic greenish-tan color, Great for .pretend play, Mix and match with other Papo dinosaurs.