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A toy dinosaur is a great present for almost every kid. Remember when you were quite young and were probably fascinated by the tales of the prehistoric times when gigantic creatures roamed the Earth. If you kid is in that age now then he or she will probably appreciate a dinosaur toy that can help him create imaginary settings using his imagination and pass time joyfully. One company that makes such toys is 'Mattel'.

Mattel has produced well know toys that colored up every children's imagination. And one of these classic toys is the Rex Interactive Dinosaur 2009. Dinosaur enthusiasts and lovers of all ages are in excited by this toy. The D-Rex 2.0 Interactive Dinosaur is a guardian, friend, and prankster all rolled into one cool toy. Designed for kids 8 years and older, this dinosaur –brought back to life with biomorphic robotics and features over 100 movements and sounds. Using a funny looking bone-shaped remote, D-Rex responds and acts to an attack command by stalking and roaring a victim, and he wags his tail when kids pet the back of his cute head. D-Rex's level of cool interaction increases with the ability to know, memorize and perform a sequence of up to 30 actions.

The D-Rex Interactive Pet Dinosaur is not the Stone Age toy, but you can still have your own dinosaur. D-Rex is a very interactive dinosaur that's the ultimate pet for girls and boys who love these creatures. A ferocious yet loyal friend and companion with an independent personality, D-Rex combines proprietary software, robotics, and reptilian skin to create a lifelike behavior and appearance . He'll walk, bare his teeth, chomp, and roar to let you know what he wants.

D-Rex might also demand food or want to play a game, and he'll hear your voice and it will respond to your touch. An ideal pet, D-Rex will even protect your toys or stuff and attack on command. You know you can't go on and live without it. Measures about 14-inches tall and 21-inches wide x 9-inches long. Requires 3x "AAA" batteries, it is not included. Specific Features: Say "hello" to your very own pet dinosaur. Interactive fun for all ages. Walks, roars, and reacts to your voice and touch

The D-Rex Interactive Pet is designed like a robot and has special software that makes him behave as he does. Moreover, the toy has very realistic-looking skin and you will feel like you are touching a living creature. 'Mattel' has surpassed all its previous achievement with this interactive toy that can play with you or even want food. It is surely a great gift for your kid. . Order yours now before they become extinct!

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