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The Book by Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park, was published in 1990 and the movie version, directed by Steven Spielberg, was made and released in 1993. Kenner's release of the 1st series of Jurassic Park toys coincided with the release of the movie.

The first five figures that were manufactured had a plain black background behind them. However, after about a month on the market the company decided to change it and it became the so popular jungle background that everyone associates with 'Jurassic Park'. Moreover, the first version of the figures was not a really accurate one. Later, the maker took the time to make more accurate copies of the actors and actresses that appeared in the famous movie. This was done in the so called 'Series 2' of the 'Jurassic Park' toys.

The second series, however, was very hard to find and expensive to buy. Some of the toys were never released. The difference between the first and the second series is only in the fact that the later made toys were better sculpted and resembled the real people a lot. Other series of toys dedicated to the 'Jurassic Park' movie were the 'Dino Trackers' and 'Evil Raiders'. They made a huge success on the market and were all sold out. All of the 'Jurassic Park' toys are valuable items for collectors and fans of the movie.

Dimetrodon: has a green with yellow spots on its sail. And also push on its rear left leg to make its jaws snap. The Dilophosaurus has a shades of green on its skin. It fills and squirts water when kids squeeze its belly. A popular one is the Young Tyrannosaurus Rex: it has a tan with wide brown stripes and contains a dino damage wound and skin piece to cover it. A simple and valuable note about dino damage: having the piece of skin that merely covers the dino damage wound makes a JP toy very valuable - the skin piece is easily lost. It also has capture gear: neck clip, silver mask, and chains to bind ankles.

Velociraptor: Released again in series 2. Same as series 1 Velociraptor. It has a capture gear: neck clip, silver mask, and chains to bind wrists to ankles. Another one is Lycaenops, it looks a little like a saber-tooth tiger. It has a brown with black back and face and Pull back on rear leg to make jaws snap. Its capture gear: neck clip, silver mask, and chains to bind ankles and wrists. Lastly the Tanystropheus, it is a Long neck and tail, small head, body, and legs. It has a color light green with dark green back and stripes. Tail and neck and have wire in them so they are pose able.

Jurassic Park Toys