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Iguanodon is the most primitive species of Ornithopod dinosaurs and was the first dinosaur documented. They lived around 10 million of years ago and was also the most popular and successful dinosaurs. Iguanodon was discovered by Gideon Mantell in 1825, and named it Iguanodon which means Iguana like teeth. Children are very fond of these dinosaurs, as they find them very thrilling after watching them in cartoons and movies. Boys always want to collect these dinosaurs in any form be it a rubber, plastic or plush toy or in the form of puzzles and building sets.

There are wide varieties of Iguanodon dinosaur toys available in the market and kids love them as role-playing. Safari Carnegie Collection Iguanodon is an Iguanodon toy dinosaur authenticated by the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. This Iguanodon toy is in the category of building sets, blocks and models and most suitable for the kids of 3-7 years of age group. Each Carnegie dinosaur can have up to 25 steps of hand painting to ensure the highest quality in the world marketplace. This product is safety tested and is phthalate free, so does not cause any harm to your child.

Safari 20173 Iguanodon and Baby Poster is a quality educational poster from Safari Ltd. In this beautiful poster Iguanodon and her baby are in their habitat. Its size is 24 x 36 inches and this poster comes rolled and sleeved. The other small Iguanodon toys are Enesco Precious Moments Iguanodon Dinosaur 6 Plush Beanie which is a cute stuffed animal. Small specimen of Toy Dinosaurs is also there with realistic look of 8 assorted styles. This is made of plastic and is 6 in length.

One more interesting Iguanodon toy is Iguanodon Dinosaur 3D Puzzle which is made of durable plastic with advanced fit puzzle pieces. Each puzzle in this series poses a fun challenge and children enjoy it very much while developing their problem solving ability. This Iguanodon puzzle develops fine motor skills as well as teaches children dinosaur identification. Each puzzle can be disassembled and rebuilt again and again and comes with assembly instructions on the back of each window box. So, all these Iguanodon are economical fun toys and are very helpful in developing the different skills of your kids, and thus are worthy enough to be included in their collectibles.

The Iguanodon Dino is a very interesting species of dinosaurs which makes it very marketable. Companies made some toys and replicas of this species. This replica has been authenticated and researched by the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There is hand-painted Iguanodon and is scaled at 1:40 and measures 8" L x 5" H 20 x 12.5 cm. Also includes a 5-language educational hang tag.