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There are many games based on Pre-historic Dinosaurs there are toys, action figures, board games and video games. Making Dinos very marketable to kids and even adults. Some examples of games with Dinosaurs themes are: Dino Hunt it is from Steve Jackson Games, this game earned the famous Dinosaur Society Seal of Approval because all of the dino information and cool art in the game conforms to current scientific knowledge. Players can travel through time, visiting different eras in which dinosaurs conquer and lived, trying to capture them and bring it to the modern-day zoo. The SJG site features a curriculum guide for teachers and parents, made for 2 or more players, ages 8 and up.

Dizzy Dizzy Dinosaur Pressman's 1987 game became and went through a color change around 1993, when the main dinosaur changed from green to purple hmm barney. The title main character is a wind-up toy; the game also available and comes with 20 "prehistoric" markers, a special dice and the board. King Zor: Another nice game is The Dinosaur Game, made and produced by Ideal in 1962, this game is mainly based on the toy of the same name. It came with 4 cavemen to represent the players yellow, green, red, blue, also with 16 dinosaurs -4 each in the same colors, a variety of cool dinosaur eggs, and 2 decks of cards, a spinner, and the game board. The board was created and illustrated with about 2 dozen dinosaurs, plus various geological sites and features. Lastly the Jurassic Park Games The most original Jurassic Park board game was published in 1992 for 2 to 4 players; Milton Bradley also made and produced a game based on the movie Jurassic Park: The Lost World in 1999, and Jurassic Park III Island Survival Game is a very clever family game.

For game enthusiasts there are also plenty of Dino games made and one of them is Dinosaur Hunter 2.1 Journey back in time with 3-dimensional, wooden environment inhabited by cool and nice 12 vinyl dinosaurs. The assembled structure measures and stands at 23" L x 14" W. x 13" H. with inviting nooks and crannies on all sides and levels. A durable card stock mat completes the scene. Minimal adult assembly needed.

There is also a series of games with the characters from the famous movie 'Jurassic Park'. One of them is 'Jurassic Park: Chaos Island'. This game is created for personal computers and was first sold back in 1997. It was released at the same time that the movie 'The Lost World: Jurassic Park' was released. The game is a strategy game and it requires you to 'command and conquer'. The player is required to control the actions of the players around the field showed on the screen. You can always choose from a number of commands for your subordinates from a specially designed menu or by using the mouse. In the game you can find five main characters from the famous movie. Each of them has the same voice as the actor who played in the movie.

Apart from these main characters you can have up to five more research assistants to help you in your missions. This character, however, has stats that cannot be changed, which is a bit of a downside to it. When you choose a player you can choose them judging their speed, eyesight and amount of luggage the player can carry at a time. When you are a novice you can only choose between Malcolm, Owen and Carr as well as the research assistant. As you progress with the game you open the other characters. Harding can be found by completing the first mission of the game. The second mission leads you straight to Kelly. To purchase a certain player you need points which are limited and can be earned. It is quite an interesting and sophisticated game that you can surely enjoy in your free time.

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