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A Home Cinema system that aims to reproduce the movie theater going experience and atmosphere with the help of video and audio equipment in the comforts of a home has completely changed the preferences of movie goers. More and more people would like to enjoy watching movies sitting at home. With the advent of DVDS, watching movies at home has become even easier. DVD versions of classics, popular hits and even the latest movies are available in DVD format and Jurassic park is no exception. Jurassic park DVDs, Jurassic park trilogy DVDS are great favorites of cinema lovers.

Jurassic Park, released in 1993 is an American science fiction thriller film directed by celebrity director, Steven Spielberg. The blockbuster movie is based on the novel of the same name written by Michael Crichton The focal point of the film is the fictional Isla Nublar in Costa Rica, where billionaire patron, John Hammond, portrayed by Richard Attenborough and a group of genetic scientists from his company created an amusement park of cloned dinosaurs. Jurassic Park was a trend setter in the use of computer generated imagery... The film grossed $914 million worldwide during its release.

Buoyed by the success of Jurassic park, two other films, known as Jurassic park trilogy, were produced. The second in series is The Lost World: Jurassic Park (also known as Jurassic Park 2 and The Lost World) is a 1997 science fiction thriller film, directed by Steven Spielberg. The film picks up four years after the events of Jurassic Park. On a deserted island, dinosaurs have secretly survived and been allowed to roam free but a mercenary group desires to capture and bring the dinosaurs to the mainland.

The third of the Jurassic Park series or trilogy is Jurassic Park III, a 2001 science fiction film. It is the only film in the series neither directed by Steven Spielberg nor based on a book by Michael Crichton. However, a number of scenes in the movie were taken from Crichton's two books, Jurassic park and The Lost World. The locale of the film is Isla Sorna, the island from the second film and the plot is about a divorced couple, who tricks Dr. Alan Grant into helping them to find their son.

Universal Studios Home Video released for the first time, Jurassic Park and The Lost World, two of director Steven Spielberg's super hit films on DVDs in October 2000. The package includes exclusive DVD-ROM access to Jurassic Park III, as collector's Editions. Both titles are available with Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS 5.1 audio

Jurassic Adventure Pack DVD set, consisting of Jurassic Park trilogy: Jurassic Park, The Lost World and Jurassic Park III was released in December 2001. The DVDS have been made using the latest audio and video technology.

Jurassic Park DVDs