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Children are always obsessed with the dinosaurs, and so Dinosaur Costumes are in great demand for them. There are wide varieties of Dinosaur Costumes available in the market like T Rex Costume, Triceratops Costume and many more. Dinosaur Costume could be a good option for Halloween or a fancy show, whether it is a scary T Rex Costume or a cute Triceratops Costume. So, let us see what the features of these Dinosaur Costumes are.

T Rex Costume will be perfect for your Dinosaur lover kid, and he/she would love it to wear in a fancy dress party. Almost all T Rex Costume is made of vibrant green color sewn into a jumpsuit and with a front zipper. It also has a clawed feet and forearms. T Rex Costume has a long tail and a full hood too with the eyes and jaws of the terrifying Dino.

The T Rex Costume should have small forearms and appearance of razor sharp teeth, which will match with the actual Tyrannosaurus Rex sharp teeth used by them for tearing the flesh of prey. This dress is made of 100% Polyester and is available for 2, 4 and 6 years. The other T Rex Costume features a little T Rex romper printed with scales and belly stripes in brilliant yellow and green color. It also has matching detachable claw gloves, a separate T Rex Hood, attached foot covers with toothy open mouth as a face hole.

Triceratops Costume is also for the toddlers of 2-4 years, like Toddler Cutie Triceratops Costume includes Jumpsuit with headpiece. It also includes foot covers and is vibrant blue in color. Infant Green Dinosaur Triceratops Dinosaur Costume features a light plush jumpsuit with screen printed scales and belly features in brilliant green and yellow. It also has detailed gloves and booties and a face hole in the mouth. The other cute features are three plush horns, a beak and a fully detailed plush armored carapace. Tiny Dinosaur Toddler/Child Costume is also another Dinosaur Costume which has two tone green zip front with attached wings.

If you want to look like a Velociraptor you need to get some green material that will resemble its skin. Then you can stitch it in to a loosely hanging shape and leave a hole for the face.

One of the most important parts is the tail. You should be really artistic about it. Search for a picture of a Velociraptor and be creative in choosing the most suitable materials to help recreate its tail. It is what will make you look like a dinosaur the most. You can also decorate your costume by painting it and adding shades. Therefore, it can be a lot of fun to create and wear a dinosaur costume. If you do not have time for that then you can always purchase a ready costume online. If you need it for your kid then there is a great costume of a 'Cute Lil Dinosaur Toddler' that will cost you only about $20. this costume looks like a funny giant lizard and is mostly grass green with yellow elements and a huge jaw that can be worn on top of your head. The costume comes in different sizes depending on the age of your kid and will be shipped to you within a few days. These and a lot more costume ideas can be found online you just need to be a fan of the prehistoric giant creatures.

Dinosaur Costumes