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Everyone enjoys the tales of the past when he is young. The magical fairytales of things that existed long ago but are extinct now are a great entertainment for a kid and a perfect way to set off on a fictional journey through his imagination. The things that cannot be seen or touched are always the ones which are most desired. Therefore, dinosaurs are a favorite subject for most little ones. They are like the magical creatures from the tales they hear before they go to bed. This means that when you want to teach your kid to read or just to give him some useful and interesting information you can supply yourself with a book about dinosaurs.

To start the ball rolling the Scholastic Dinosaurs A to Z: The Ultimate Dinosaur Encyclopedia This is an very excellent reference book for 9-12 year olds kids who want specific info on the many different kinds of dinosaurs. Each of the hundreds of different individual listings contains the name of the specific dinosaur, a pronunciation guide, size, the classification, time in which it lived, diet, location and additional details. Carefully shown and rendered illustrations by artist Jan Sovak are assets. The book's author is Don Lessem, he has written more than 30 books about the great dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs: If your 3- or 4-year-old is obsessed with great dinosaurs and wants to know more, this book is recommend, non-fiction book from the Eye-Openers series. First and originally published by DK Publishing, it features a series of 2-page spreads on different kinds of dinosaurs, with smaller illustrations, pictures of lifelike models, and simple text. The text, while limited, it also includes information on the dinosaurs' eating habits, size and appearance.

The best idea is to get an encyclopedia because it will be full of useful facts that the little one can easily remember. One great option that can be bought online is the 'Ultimate Dinosaur Book'. As the title suggests it has all kinds of information and is a compilation of descriptions of every kind of dinosaur you can think of. The cost of this product online is about $100. It has colorful pictures of all the species described in it and it thoroughly covers the subject of the gigantic lizards. It will surely enrich the knowledge of your kid and help him spend some quality time reading and enjoying it. A similar encyclopedia is the 'Big Book of Dinosaurs'. It is a lot cheaper and can be bought for about $10 online. The book has a great categorization of the dinosaurs and gives detailed information as well as pictures of each kind. You can also purchase the 'First Dinosaur Encyclopedia' for about $10.

Lastly the one book for the ages the National Geographic Dinosaurs: This 192-page book stands out because of its detailed paintings of dinosaurs. The book was conceptualized and written by Paul Barnett and illustrated by Raul Martin, a paleo-artist. The 1st third of the book gives general information while the remainder also provides descriptions of more than 50 different dinosaurs. A map, a chart comparing the dinosaur's size to that of a human, a detailed painting, and pictures are some of the graphics that accompany the written descriptions.

Dinosaur Books