Digital Altitude Review-Is This Legit Or A Scam?

If you are looking for a Digital Altitude Review and want to find out more if Digital Altitude is actually Legit, a scam or a hype, you have come to the right place. I would share with you a comprehensive analysis and guide on Digital Altitude, the system, the compensation plan and if it is a good fit for you.

Digital Altitude is a top ranked affiliate program formed by a former US marine known as Michael Force. Digital Altitude is also known as Aspire and was formed to elevate once mindset. In this review, I would focus on if Aspire is a scam and if Aspire also known as Digital Altitude is actually Legit or a scam.Digital Altitude is an e-learning affiliate marketing system that focuses on helping people create a successful and profitable online business whether as a newbie or a seasoned affiliate marketer. It shows you a step by step guide on how to start up ,how to enhance an online business, how to scale it and how to direct traffic to your business. Digital Altitude has a coaching system in place everyone gets access to a start up coach, a scale up coach and a traffic coach  in the system. The coaching system helps you start, scale and provide useful directions on how to drive traffic to your website or capture page to make you successful.

Digital Altitude was formed by Micheal Force who is a well known veteran in the industry. He is a digital speaker, motivator and an entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in the affiliate marketing field. He really knows how to build,enhance,launch and scale an internet business for everyone and his affiliates to profit on the long run. He is definitely a well known figure in this industry.

Digital Altitude speaks for itself, the presentation is well laid down and the steps are so easy to get you going. See what I mean below!

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The Digital Altitude Core Products

Main products.

Aspire.($37 0r $67 per month)Digital Business Sales System. Business training videos, client for life coaches who are willing to help you over on the long term,back end products, merchant and payroll services, networking, support and live chat for your business websites.

Base ($397) Digital Business Mastery Course. How to set up business goals, financial brands and websites. It is the practical side of things what people don’t teach in business schools.

Rise ($1,497) Digital Marketing Mastery Course. This is the advanced version of Base.

Ascend ($6,997) Digital Business Profit Workshop. This is a three day workshop event held in Las Vegas.

Peak($11,997) Business Prosper Retreat. This is a five day all inclusive retreat for two.Learn from business leaders and listen to great speakers in the industry.

Apex($19,997) Digital Business Legacy Experience. 7 day all inclusive retreat for two. Now your speakers will be asset management and investing experts,since by the time you reach this level your only worries will be on how to invest all the money you have made by climbing the mountain of success.

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The Digital Altitude Add On Products

Guru You. Tools for branding and social media: head shots, director videos, help with setting up social media etc.

Inbound. Content and Blog. A service for getting content for your blogs. Ranges from $15 to $1500 per month. 12 products and services.

Traffic and Funnel Products. Traffic packages to help you build and monetize your email lists. ”Funnel services”. 12 products and services.

So Is Digital Altitude Legit or a scam?

This is really important to answer. People are asking if Digital Altitude is Legit or there is a scam going on?

In actual fact, Digital Altitude is completely legit and 100% safe to use. Micheal Force is a 15 year industry veteran. He’s got a lot of results, and the training Digital Altitude provides is extremely of high quality and of great value. He is obviously a good marketer online, and he does share value in the products. And there just isn’t any Digital Altitude Scam going on because the system works and great and is well laid out for newbies.

There are a lot of scams out there, but this is not one of them. The system has well trained 6 figure coaches who does most of the work for you and guides you on you route to success. I don’t think their is any other online system out there that has well trained personal coaches and motivators who mentors you along on your way to success and close sales for you doing all the work for you you don’t have to do all of the hardwork.

Final Word On Digital Altitude

It is pretty evident that Digital Altitude is not a scam. It is completely legit, and I believe you now understand what Digital Altitude is and how the system works out.

Digital Altitude has a pretty impressive back office. It features a well designed and focused members are with training, expertise, community ,tools and resources. Anyone can join Digital Altitude. It is designed for newbies and proffessionals alike. For entrepreneurs, marketers and anyone who wants to make money online.If you are interested in taking your online business to the next level, Digital Altitude appears to be a good opportunity for any digital marketing entrepreneur. They train and coach you on how to make six figures online step by step. You can learn while you earn and work at your own pace.

A huge feature that anyone who like is they have coaches who closes sales for you. You don’t have to sell to anyone or who all those traditional old school meeting system. All you have to do is get traffic to the system and the system runs on autopilot, you also have access to your own personal traffic coach.You can start the Digital Altitude System for a $1 trial for a 14 day period which gives you plenty of time to check it out with full access.

That is it for this Digital Altitude Review, thank you for reading this Digital Altitude Review, In order to be successful online there are various programs available online and you just need to choose the right one depending on your budget, level of skill and experience. I highly recommend Digital Altitude as part of my Digital Altitude Review and final thoughts. I recommend joining the program because it gives a lot of one on one support. The system is well laid out for newbies who just started out or have no experience and helps them succeed. You leave your comments or questions below. Otherwise, I would recommend getting on board and join Digital Altitude here as you will not regret it and would highly benefit.

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Reverse Commissions-Is It Really Legit Or a Scam?

Welcome to this blog post on Reverse Commissions. There has been some vibe about this new company just launched called Reverse Commisions,so I decided to find out what the company was all about and do some research on the company.

Here is a detailed review on the company Reverse Commissions.

In this Review, I have divided the information into: the company, the products, the compensation plan and finally my thoughts.

So let’s get to the detailed! What is Reverse Commissions?

Reverse Commissions is based on some rotators, these rotators helps to get and acquire tons of traffic and leads to your website. There are several back links being rotated inside one link at a given time. Even though it was set up for you to gain leads instantly there are no guarantees with it just as live too.

Reverse Commission Products

Reverse Commissions does not have or sell any products for one to promote. Is based on Affiliate membership that requires sign ups and promote the membership. When one becomes a member of  Reverse Commissions you can be up and running from either the Starter $25 to the elite $500.Reverse Commissions has  different forms of membership that pays out 100% commissions to their affiliates which is very awesome and unique.

The plans registered to become an affiliate of Reverse Commissions are listed below:

Starter ($25):

It involves Personal Branding and Attraction Marketing.It teaches you how to brand yourself and create awareness in your online business.

Basic ($100)

Business Automation. How you could run your business on Complete Autopilot.

Advanced ($250)

Instagram Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Snapchat Marketing

Social Media Domination

YouTube Marketing

Google Plus Marketing

Elite ($500)

How to run your business on complete autopilot and get unique landing pages.


The Reverse Commisions Compensation Plan

Once an affiliate sign up under the member that sponsored them, they are able to receive payments and 100% commissions from all their personally enrolled members.

However,their second and fourth sale has to be passed out to their upline,after that they can keep the rest.As soon as this is done all other sponsored members has to pass up their second payment to the affiliate that sponsored them.

The only way to avoid this is if you decide to position yourself at the $500 level, meaning that you do not have to pass up any of your sale to the affiliate who sponsored you.

There are four tiers that payments are made across. When an affiliate is on a higher level, they automatically qualify to receive commissions and payments across lower levels. So it is highly recommended to start up on the Elite level that is the $500 so as not to pass out any commissions or sales.

For you to earn across all four tiers one would have to come in at the Elite level, the money they earn will come from those joining at the $25,$100,$250 and $500 levels.

End Review on Reverse Commissions

With the Review so far and analyzing Reverse Commissions I could say Reverse Commissions is very well Legit and not a scam. I think it is a well laid out and honest way to earn an income online. The prices of the products are not as expensive as some other high ticket internet companies and well available for everyone out there. Reverse commissions is well set up  to earn an attractive and honest way even for the newbie to make money online.

In my opinion, it is an honest and well affordable way to earn an income online and start up are online business.

My No 1 Reccomendation.

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